The search for the perfect compression packing cubes is over! If you’re comparison shopping, make sure you check out how small the packing cubes from our competitors are.


Travelers, hikers, explorers, and backpackers everywhere think this 2 piece set of travel compression bags is a great value for its competitive pricing and extra strong build quality.


The bags are made of water resistant ripstop nylon that is incredibly strong but also extremely lightweight.


The set comes with two different sizes of bag. Check out the pictures for examples of just how much you can pack into the bag.


Never heard of us over at TRIPPED Travel Gear? No worries! We’re gonna be good friends soon! TRIPPED Travel Gear is a passion project that was started after spending a year abroad and visiting over 30 countries. After living out of a backpack for an entire year, we feel like we have a pretty solid idea of what gear makes life on the road easier whether you’re heading out for a weekend getaway or buying a one way ticket with no plans on returning!

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